Monday, April 16, 2007

Kettlebells, Weightloss and Longevity--Episode 4

Episode 4; April 19th, 2007; Guest Mark Boggs

Well we’re down to less than a month to the NAKF’s national meet in Salt Lake City. I’ve been trying to get my weight down to 198 for a little while and I’m down to about 10 lbs left to go. I started out Jan. 15 at 234 lbs, and I’ve seen a real improvement in my fitness levels and appearance. On today’s podcast we’re going to interview Mark Boggs who has experienced a great deal of weight loss as a result of training with kettlebells.

Of course we know that finding a plan that works for you, and sticking to it for the long term is the key to success in weight loss, whether that’s a meal plan or exercise program. I was recently listening to a program on weight loss and the recurring theme was that there are a lot of diets that provide good results in the short term, but that adherence is the key to long term results. I think that kettlebells, if used correctly, allow you to use them for a long time. Most other forms of exercise, especially ones that can be used in as intense a manner as kettlebells, usually lead to injuries that limit or end an athletes participation in that activity. You see it in a bunch of sports. If you look at kettlebells, you can see that if you use common sense and good technique you can use them long term indefinitely.

That brings me to an article that was published this past week in the New York Sun that was posted on Dragon Door’s forum this week. The article tells a short story about an 85 year old Russian immigrant who lifts 80 lbs kettlebells and gave the police more than they bargained for. Besides being funny, I think it illustrates that kettlebells can be used long term for good results.

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We don’t have any feedback this week, so we’ll go ahead and move into our featured interview. Mark Boggs is a 45 year old former powerlifter who has recently found his way into the world of kettlebells. In addition to a significant amount of weightloss and an impressive increase in GS numbers, he has seen his power numbers remain relatively stable even though he is only doing high rep kettlebell lifting. His coach is Jon Hoskins out of Ohio.

If you are interested in reading Mark's story, you can read it here.

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MarkBogg's AKC Blog Article

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Episode 3--Review of American Kettlebell Club's Coaches Certification

Today's Podcast features a review of the American Kettlebell Club's Coaches Certification. If after listening to the podcast you'd like to learn more about the AKC, go to the American Kettlebell Club's website.

Also on the program is an announcement from David Whitley of Be sure to click on the "workshops" icon for more info.

Remember the NAKF's National Meet is coming up next month in Salt Lake City. For more info go to their website.

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